Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A shiny label for Urban Legend Typewriters

After seeing so many wonderful old dealer labels and decals recently ...

... I decided I really wanted something like this for my own little business, Urban Legend Typewriters. But decals are hard to apply, and I soon found out that aluminum plaques require an initial investment of $300 or so for about 100 plaques. I chose a more affordable alternative: 604 thin "brushed alloy" 1x2-inch labels for $125 from Stickers That Stick.

I think they look great!

Why no contact information? Because we may be moving next year. And of course, these days all you need is the name of a business; you can find out how to contact them online.


  1. This makes me want to buy another machine to benefit urban legend! Or have one cleaned up and repaired even though I can do that myself... I just want a machine with that sticker! Maybe I can find one to hire you to clean up :)

  2. Those are some very fine stickers Richard. Just what the typewriter ordered.
    I like Mark's idea. Maybe a trip to Cincy over the Christmas break.

  3. Can you get a sticker for past purchases? There is one L.C. Smith that would look even more stunning. The bigger fun is where to place it!

  4. Beautiful. I love how they radiate 'vintage'. :D