Sunday, December 16, 2018

Kids typing letters to Santa

Continuing the theme from my previous post, here's a delightful report from a Georgia typist, reproduced with his permission:

Good evening Richard,

I became a member of the insurgency a few months ago after reading your book and seeing the obligatory “California Typewriter” film. A couple of weeks ago I took the initiative to call a friend who owns a local Mexican restaurant that has a kids' night every Monday and asked her if she would like me to bring a few typewriters for kids to write letters to Santa. She said yes and my wife Michele and I took six nice manual typewriters and a copy of “Click Clack Moo” to the restaurant for them to use this past Monday. To our surprise, there were 32 kids from 4 to 10 years old who used a typewriter for the first time to send Santa a letter that night.

At the end of the night, we also had a drawing among the kids and gave away a nice 1960 Smith Corona Galaxie that I picked up for $20, cleaned it up following your tips and installed a new ribbon.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jason Upshaw
Tifton Ga.

Thanks to you for spreading the typewriter joy!


  1. That was a great idea, and it gave the children a special treat. Hope Santa the likes typewritten letters.

  2. I wonder how many children wanted a typewriter!

  3. Generosidad y rebeldía: gran mezcla!

  4. The pattern replicates and spreads like a virus, except it is benign and beneficial. :D