Friday, October 11, 2019

Goodbye, Columbus

Last night I was in Columbus, Ohio to give a talk for the Aldus Society, a lovely group of folks who share a love of books and printing. We discussed the history of typewriters, their uses today, and the experience of different kinds of writing. The audience was very engaged, and their hospitality was excellent.

I also picked up half a dozen typewriters that I'll be refurbishing for my friend Joan Schnee, who runs the Columbus stationery shop On Paper. Joan has hosted some type-ins, and sells typewriters in her shop.

Outside the shop, there's a public typing station!

Goodbye, Columbus — see you again soon, I hope.


  1. Remember me the project "Notes from a public typewriter", an interesting book.

  2. Sounds like a great event. Have any of the notes been published?

  3. I see that the Royal has been chained like a bicycle. It would be thrilling to witness a person hauling butt down a street with a Royal standard in hand.

    1. Running with the machine on the cart is such a ridiculous possibility even for a thief that ensuring it is effective. Although, also, if left without a chain, the daring would not go far.

  4. Una tienda así es un sueño de éste mecanógrafo. Pero sigo sintiendo que aún no puedo permanecer en cualquier lugar lo suficiente para establecer una.

    ¿Cuál es ése lugar que me espera?

    ¡Si no hubiese fronteras físicas...!