Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A fake Lego fake typewriter?

Everyone knows about the Lego typewriter by now. Only one typebar moves, but the keys go down and the carriage advances. It's a cute tribute to an increasingly popular device, but in a sense, it is a fake: it can't actually type.

Today I spotted a fake of this fake typewriter! Well, that's not quite fair. The makers of this Chinese knockoff have taken care to make it different from the original Lego in several ways. It has four rows of keys, for one.

I won't be getting either of these toys, but they do have their charm and I'm sure they will be fun to build for those who enjoy Lego-style construction.

Both of these things have a ways to go in catching up with Herman Price—check out his homemade Lego versions of historic typewriters.

PS: Here are some more, as found on AliExpress!


  1. Thanks for your entry, and the link to Herman‘s fabulous creations!

  2. I never knew of Herman's models until now. Thanks!
    I thought about getting the Lego typewriter. That is as far as I got; too expensive for a toy. That Chinese one is ugly; like their other fakes.