Thursday, July 22, 2021

Revolution in the mailbox: typewriters and border collies

A gratifying volume of letters, cards, and longer typescripts have been reaching me recently. Among them is a letter from a recent recruit to the insurgency. 

He includes an extensive meditation on typewriting and typewriters.

I was especially surprised and delighted to read this passage on the agency of typewriters:

The simile struck me because there's a new addition to my household: Della, a 10-week-old border collie. She's sweet, inquisitive, and playful. Border collies grow up to be so smart that I fully expect her to beat my words per minute—if only I can find a typewriter whose keyboard is adapted to a dog's paws.



  1. Nice text and I wish you great moments with the new pet.

  2. That is one of the cutest and smartest-looking puppies I have ever seen. Congratulations!

  3. Wonderful letter.
    Congratulations on your beautiful new addition. Border collies make great pets, and they are very loyal.

  4. As a person who grew up with manual typewriters I share much of what you've typed. My vehicle of choice is an Olympia SM9 I found in a Goodwill store for $6.