Monday, September 6, 2021

Bumper crop

 My car's bumper sports more and more stickers from outposts of the Typewriter Insurgency.

Here's a closer look.

These are from Bryan Mahoney, The Typin' Pint:

These are from Ian McAndrew, Iron Fox Typewriters:

These are from Kirk Jackson, Nashville Typewriter:

From Ted Munk, The Typewriter Database

From Scott Sprunger, Poetry On The Spot:
From Mitch Hamm, Trinity Typewriter (design by his daughter Trinity, website under construction):

From Antony Valoppi, Type Space:
And finally, there is my own little enterprise (currently on hiatus due to a new puppy):

There's still room for a few more stickers. Any recommendations?


  1. Those are some great stickers. I have an idea for our next type-in or type-out.

  2. That license plate tells me you live in Hamilton! As in, Hamilton!.

    from Wikipedia:

    On May 28, 1986, as part of a plan to increase publicity about Hamilton and aid in city revitalization, the City Council voted 5–1 in favor of adding an exclamation point to the city's name, similarly to the popular musical Oklahoma!. Thus, Hamilton officially became Hamilton!

    That's great! Nice, Richard!

    1. I actually live in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.

      Neither the exclamation mark nor the musical have done much for the struggling town of Hamilton.