Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Mecanographic music in Cincinnati

This Lettera 22 is on its way ...

... to Cincinnati's grand Music Hall ...

... where it will serve as a musical instrument.

No, not in Leroy Anderson's "The Typewriter" (which, honestly, I wouldn't mind if I never heard again) but in the more aesthetically challenging 2016-17 piece "Aello — ballet mécanomorphe" by Austrian composer Olga Neuwirth, which the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is performing on October 1. The score specifically calls for a typewriter "of type Olivetti Lettera 22 or similar." I was glad to be able to provide just the right machine.

Here is a performance of the piece in Paris, using an incorrect typewriter:


  1. Good to know your Lettera 22 will be part of the performance. Beautiful music hall!