Sunday, November 21, 2021

When computers dream of typewriters

Today, on a tip from Kirk Jackson of Nashville Typewriter, I've been experimenting with various sites that use artificial intelligence to generate new images based on text and/or images that you provide. The results are so strange that they truly look like dreams. Here are a few oneiric writing machines generated by NightCafé and NeuralBlender.

This device...
... is based on this image plus the word "typewriter."

This is the result of the text prompt "Hieronymus Bosch typewriter":

Here's a Burroughs typewriter plus "Salvador Dalí."

AI image:

"Antique typewriter in a Vermeer painting":

"Typewriter in Heaven":

Incidentally, I don't like the colors and background on this blog right now, but I'm having trouble making them work better. Blogger's new interface is less powerful and easy than the old one. You've got to wonder whether there's a plan to make blogging die.


  1. uhm--definitely images that link more on the dark underbelly of our unconscious....

  2. Ooh. Thanks and NO THANKS for sharing these.
    So creepy