Sunday, September 18, 2022

Manifest Maszynopisania

Thanks to Adam Piskorek for this Polish translation of the Typewriter Manifesto, typed on an Olivetti Valentine.

Adam writes:

I was moved by the California Typewriter movie, and Typewriter Revolution book and typewriters in general for which I am thankful. Since months I have been repairing, collecting and changing foreign typewriters to ones that have polish font. 

In Poland we do not have many great typewriters that could write in my language due to iron curtain and socialism in general so I took on a mission to revert history when it comes to that aspect of typewriters. 

I have also started a typo-sphere club and webpage because I have noticed that we do not have a single webpage about typewriters in the whole 40 milion country. It's and there is so much to do. Typewriter nights, tips for repair, reviews of books for and about typewriters etc. 

Thanks again for giving fuel and igniting a passion.

Good luck, Adam! Powodzenia!


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