Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Siemag portable typewriter

The Express and the Siemag:

Skeleton shift on the Siemag:

You can forget about easy access to the escapement (the Express is the same):

The problem I ran into with the ribbon mechanism is that it depends on a hook that hooks around a tiny screw. On my Siemag, this hook kept sliding right off. 

Interestingly, the corresponding hook on the Express curves around more, so that it can't possibly get detached from the screw—a much better design. Could it be that this tiny difference made Siemag portables less reliable and contributed to their swift demise??

I was able to connect these two pieces by wrapping the hook in some shrink tubing, puncturing the tubing, and running a wire through the puncture and the screw hole. Ridiculous, but functional. The ribbon color change doesn't work, but at least you can type.

Click here for more examples of Siemag portables on The Typewriter Database.


  1. Ingenious use of heat shrink! Nice looking typewriter.

  2. Everyone is trying to downgrade the typewriters collection... but is that possible ? :-)