Friday, April 26, 2024

Free Thoughts (with a Blick)

My friend and I continued our end-of-the-academic-year tradition for one last time, before she's off to a tenure-track position in Minnesota.

This time, I ramped up the eccentricity by typing on my 1912 Blickensderfer no. 6.

Her Underwood Champion definitely typed thoughts more neatly—and excellent thoughts, too! But fun was had all around. A steady stream of students and faculty stopped by to request words on topics both silly and serious.

Spelling correction: keratin

That's "outrageous bag."

In memoriam

Poet Tyrone Williams, who typed with me five years ago,
died last month after a brief illness. I visited him shortly before he passed away.
He chuckled as I recited the poems he'd written on that day in May, 2019.

This is my favorite.


  1. These are very good — as usual!

  2. Because I'm a recent convert, I've been working my way through your posts. So the post with Tyrone Williams doesn't seem all that long ago to me. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing.

    On a brighter note, I must be improving my knowledge of typewriters, as when I first saw that main photo, I thought "A Blickensderfer?! That's crazy!". I love it!