Sunday, April 14, 2024

My interview on Techtonic

Mark Hurst interviewed me on Techtonic, his great show about the dangers of big tech, on April 15. You can hear the interview here (click on "Pop-up player"):


  1. I will be listening.

  2. A lovely interview, thanks Richard. It was perfect timing - I just finished your book last night! I'm only a recent convert to typewriters, so am slowly catching up.

    I found the Dvorak questions quite interesting. I changed to the Colemak layout on my work computer due to wrist pain, and simply can no longer touch type Qwerty on my keyboard. But I do not have that issue on my typewriters. It's a combination of being a different machine (muscle memory still works for some reason) and using a different typing behaviour - more of a peck with multiple fingers rather than touch typing. And I will simply never type enough to have the same wrist issues that I have in my daily job (I'm a programmer).

    So perhaps Mark would be happy with a Qwerty typewriter too?

    1. Thanks! I'll pass your comment on to him. Enjoy exploring the typosphere!

  3. Mark tells me he got the following message: "I listened to the typewriter podcast, and ordered a typewriter!" Job done.