Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A few images I like

By Russian illustrator Andrew Ferez

My design (inspired by the "Keep Calm" posters that are everywhere in London, of course).
Then I checked Google and found that many have had the same idea.
I like that too.

A new T-shirt design on sale at WordPlay Cincy's Urban Legend Institute.
The slogan was typed by a kid on one of WordPlay's typewriters.


  1. I saw the T-shirt on the facebook site, and immediately thought 'I want one'!

    I love that illustration.

  2. Meanwhile, the Professor is setting up a London Type-In and all the stateside Typospherians watch with yearning eyes! (That T-shirt is wonderful!)

  3. What I noticed was your new avatar. That's an amazing self-portrait. Like really.

    1. Thanks. It looks a bit glum, but it's the best one I've managed.

  4. The first illustration is over the top awesome. Like others, I am loving the t-shirt.

  5. The painting at the top is absolutely amazing. Definitely tattoo material. Hmmm...

  6. The painting is striking! I think I need to contact Richard P and find out if U.L.I. takes mail orders for the shirt.

  7. The beauty of art trip and the gallery visits seem to have rekindled the artist within you. The avatar has the haunting look of Vincent himself. But I do hope you will find time away from art, Edinburgh and Paris to take in some Ashes cricket. Once in a lifetime opportunity and all that! Pip pip!

  8. Very inspiring to see these images - including your self portrait. For more typewriter-related graphics, for those not acquainted with her work, check out this page on L a Marler's web site:
    I just learned about her this morning, via my first look at the fine flick, "The Typewriter in the 21st Century"