Sunday, July 21, 2013

J'aime le pouvoir des mots écrits à la machine à écrire!

According to this blog, a Hermes 3000 is (or was) available for public
use at Shakespeare & Co. I didn't spot it -- maybe it was in the upstairs area
where I didn't venture, or maybe it was obscured by the mob. (There
is a queue to get into the bookstore and you can barely move once in.)

(Yes, that's my arm sticking into M. L'Héritier's eye. This was a big ad on the side of a kiosk. 
The subtle name of the magazine is Winner.)

Remington 2000, photo altered from an Etsy listing:

At least there's evidence that the French are hip to hipsters: (Adopt a Guy)


  1. You are quite artistic Richard. I have enjoyed your sketches. Good to hear you are enjoying your trip and that you and your family got to spend time in Paris.

  2. ...reminds me of my own trip there in aught-seven. My traveling companion also favored 1664 beer.

  3. Wonderful type-travelogue, great drawing and photos. You seem to have a very full and rewarding trip.

  4. Did you get caught up in the end of the 100th edition of the Tour de France? That looked spectacular.

    1. We glimpsed a bit of it on the news, and there was also a large contingent of Scandinavian cyclists (some with horns on their bike helmets) who rode past us with a police escort. I am not sure they were part of the Tour, but they must have been connected to it in some way.

    2. The guys in the 2009 photo look like they are discussing whether to stick with typewriters for "just one more year" or sell-up and move to the country.