Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Edinburgh postscript

A little postscript (or post-type) to my report on Edinburgh is this ad I tore out of a program for the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The city's cultural life revolves around several huge festivals ... and around scotch. I can report that Jura is a good one.


  1. Nice ad. I do not know if I would enjoy the Scotch or the typewriter the best. Then, the Scotch and the typewriter. Now that is the combination.

  2. Somewhere in my collection, likely the group hopelessly incarcerated in a workshop cupboard (aka the dungeon) is a machine with a cute, knob-ended carriage or platten release like that - a Remington portable perhaps?

    1. Yes indeed, it's a Remington portable -- either no. 1 or no. 2.

  3. Typewriters = storytelling, at least in an ad man's visual vocabulary.

  4. Now I want a Remington 2. Or a Scotch. Or maybe both.

  5. I'm coming down with the flu... maybe typing on my Remington portable 2 with a Scotch well at hand could be a good therapy...